20 Main Dishes Perfect For Holiday Dinners

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Big Easter celebrations are coming in just a couple of weeks. Are you planning your dinner menu yet?

Do you have a traditional dinner that you make every year, or do you like to mix things up and serve something different every holiday dinner?

I know that ham tends to be the dinner staple for Easter and Christmas holidays. Many people also don’t dare to mess with turkey on Thanksgiving. But there are also many families that like to have something different every year. I am definitely one of those people who gets tired of the same holiday menu year after year. When it’s my turn to host a family dinner, I create a new menu each time. But, if you must have ham, or turkey, or pork roast as a holiday tradition, how about mixing up the flavors? Traditional dishes can still make their faithful appearance at the dinner table but they can be “accessorized” with fun flavors and various ingredients. Holiday ham can “wear” a different glaze for each holiday appearance and so as turkey, lamb or chicken. Side dishes can also feature additional ingredients to change up the flavors.

I’ve collected some great ideas for Easter dinner main dishes that would beperfect for your family’s holiday celebration. And you don’t have to stick with ham (though there are some great ham recipes here).Trysalmon, chicken or pork, too.

20 Main Dishes Perfect For Holiday Dinner from @willcook4smiles

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